Thursday, January 04, 2007

A new 10 minute short directed by me shoots in two days, but I'm keeping the contents hush hush.

Also, here's the current roster of Gen-Y Projects that we'll be seeing in the next couple years. It's all entirely tentative, though, as new ideas come to me in the fucking shower every day:
Film Club (2007)
I've talked enough about Film Club.
Dream House (2007?)
A horror short intended to be part of Days of Fear, a horror anthology I'm spearheaded which hopefully will have segments in it directed by a few other young directors, involving young couples, rapists and ghosts of rape victims.
Divine Fist (2008-09?)
Formerly entitled Divine Comedy, this project is now called Divine Fist since I think that title suits my dream of a biblical kung fu/wuxia flick far better.
Operation Ragtag (2008-09?)
A microbudgeted WWII epic which will be done in the style of a Spaghetti Western with a lengthy torture scene in the middle. Will be made either a year before or a year after Divine Fist.
Bump in the Night (2010?)
Vampires fighting zombies in a low budget monster mash. Think George Romero meets Ann Rice.