Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Big Man Face director and founder of Bigwig Films Joseph Luster and Tokyoscope and Otaku in USA author Patrick Macias have done a very interesting, Freudian analysis of Little Red Riding Hood.

In response, like Chuck Norris' thoughts on the "Chuck Norris Facts", I'm not sure what to think. Is Red Riding Hood a simple twisted retelling of the Grimm's Fairy Tale told in a Shaw Brothers-style with a bit of Fukasaku mixed in or is it something far, far darker: a psychosexual metaphor for the destruction of Kojiro Abe or a scathing treatus on Japan/China relations (indeed, I wish I could have made the film in 1976 with Shih Szu as Red and Shin Kishida as the Wolf). You be the judge.

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Dr. Criddle said...

"The Symbolic Self-Castration of Kojiro Abe." Wow.