Sunday, July 16, 2006

Well, another day of shooting happened yesterday. Now I have the whole first half of the film in the can and can start editing.

For your viewing pleasure, some caps from the footage we got yesterday. Yes, that is me in the dress.
Though played by a 26 year old, Red is actually only supposed to be 8.
I'm praying that this will be dated in three years. This also marks the second appearance of an issue of Weekly World News in a Kojiro Abe production. The first was in Harold.
Red's Mom (played by Kojiro Abe). Hey, at least it shows that I don't take myself as seriously as some have accused.

"Yes, Mr. Punishment!"
Mr. Punishment himself.
Red is afraid, as she should be.
Red exits her hellish RV home.Grandma (Neil Cicierega)
Red finds something very, very wrong with Grandma.
"All the better to look at you with."Now nobody will be able to distribute this film in Japan, ever.
The Wolf reveals his true indentity.

More shooting on Friday and I'll be posting some 35mm photos of the first day of shooting too once the film gets developed.

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Anonymous said...

Sir, when are you shooting next? I eagerly await more news on this thing.