Friday, June 30, 2006

A few updates:

In exactly 8 days, I will begin filming this thing. The filming was originally going to take place on June 24, but I wasn't able to get all the props together on time so it's been pushed back to July 9th. It will be shot over the course of three Sundays, as that's pretty much the only day of the week that all my actors are free.

Sadly, my good friend and collegue Jack Criddle has dropped out of the production. He moved down to NYC and I didn't feel right having him come all the way up here from there. Luckly, another open mike buddy of mine, Jonathan, has agreed to play the role of the Lumberjack.

My wide and telephoto lenses are here. This is the first time I've ever used added lenses for one of my films.

I've also got all the shots mapped out. I don't do storyboards as I can't really draw well enough to convey movie shots, what I do do, however, is a little thing I call "text storyboarding". It's a numbered list of all the shots in the film described in detail. I even specify the type of lens I'll be using for the shot.

Two cuts of the movie will be created, one slightly longer director's cut with a long, drawn out credit sequence at the end (a surefire way to get your short film rejected from any film festival) and with no qualms about using copyrighted music in it (such as a Pat Benatar song over said end credits) and a second, shorter, more streamlined cut for film festivals with a score more or less entirely composed by Neil and a very short end credit sequence.

The premiere of the film will be held at the open mike at Bella Piazza restaurant, sometime in late August. The two disc SE DVD will probably be ready in September, once I get my website back on the ground, I plan to add a shop to the site where you can buy a DVD containing The Big Toe, Harold and the Aquatic Observations trilogy (these already exist, I just haven't distributed many yet) as well as the two disc SE of Little Red Riding Hood.

And last but not least, all my props have been ordered and/or bought and I am awaiting the arrival of two of them. Some of the shit I bought includes:
-A replica of Bill's Hanzo katana.
-A full on, full sized replica rifle.
-A "Chicks: the Other White Meat" shirt from Rotten Cotton.
-A dress big enough to fit me.
-A grandma wig.

No, I am not Tyler Durden. No, I am not building a fucking bomb. You will see what these things will be used for in the film when the finished product is released.