Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Well, the camcorder that I plan to shoot the film on came today. It's a super compact MiniDV Sony Handicam. I'm kind of disappointed actually, I can't get the iLink connection to work on my computer (looks like I'm stuck editing the film on my mother's laptop or at least capturing the footage on the laptop, burning it all onto data DVD and getting it all on my computer downstairs that way). Also the camera has no fucking mike jack, meaning I'll have to make do with the crappy, background noise heavy sound recorded from the camera's internal mike and I don't think you can white balance it either. But seeing as the film shoots in five weeks and returning it and buying a new camera would probably take a while, I'm stuck with it. I just wish I had the money to invest in a real filmmakers' camera and not have to use fucking camcorders that are designed not for professional filmmaking, but for capturing vacation videos. Life is truly unfair, but regardless of the vacation quality camera I'm using, Little Riding Riding Hood is going to rock way harder than anything I've previously done.

This isn't Red Riding Hood related, but the script for my next film after Little Red Riding Hood, Divine Comedy, is almost done. More on that later, as I'm exhausted and have a long day of work tomorrow.

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