Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What is Little Red Riding Hood? Why, it's the next Kojiro Abe film, of course. It's essentially an adaptation of the Grimm's Fairy Tale told in a disturbed Kojiro Abe fashion. Anyways, here's my very first State of the Union regarding the film and it's production process.
  • While the film is still in pre-production, it will be shot over the course of two weekends in a little under two months: June 24-25 and July 1-2. When that time comes, this blog will provide images and descriptions of the production process.
  • The budget for this film is the same as Harold's, about $500-$1000, but will look much higher budgeted and be more cost efficient due to the fact that I'm not shooting on resource and budget eating Super 8.
  • The film will be shot on MiniDV and matted to 2.35:1 for that TohoScope/Shawscope look that I fucking love so much.
  • Ala a zero budgeted Kill Bill, the film will pay homage to many films I enjoy and directors whose work I admire. The film (in it's director's cut, I plan on making a cut for film festivals minus all the copyrighted music) will feature tunes from Shaw Brothers films and Spaghetti Westerns mixed in with Neil's original music and a Meiko Kaji song will play over the end credits. They'll also be a Brian DePalma-esque splitscreen sequence, a Shinya Tsukamoto-styled pixelation shot, the famous Shaw Brothers whip zoom will be used, etc.
  • If it were a perfect world and it was still 1976 instead of 2006, the lovely Shaw Brothers kung fu cutie Shih Szu would play Red and Japanese Dracula actor Shin Kishida would play the Wolf, but seeing as this isn't a perfect world and Shin Kishida died before I was even born and Shih Szu is now older than my mom...
  • The real cast has been assembled, however. Red will be played by a 25 year old college student named Charli, the Wolf will be played by a musician I know named Dave, my collegue Jack Criddle will be playing the Lumberjack and Red's Grandma and Mom will be played by my best friend Neil Cicierega and I, in full drag no less.
  • Neil Cicierega will also be scoring this, as usual.
  • The script was written about four months ago and will be posted here soon for all to read. One big change I just made to it, though: the final katana fight between Red and the Wolf will take place at a beach instead of a field.
  • The DVD of this movie will span two discs and will completely rock.

And that's about it, I'll be having Charli, Dave and the entire rest of my cast and crew (plus a few sundry friends) over to watch some movies in a few weeks to get into "the mood".

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